Virtual Panoramas and Virtual Tours


Make your website more interesting with panoramas and virtual tours and thereby offer your customers higher standard visual. Visitors will spend more time browsing your site and see your offer or get to know the location from the comfort of their home.

You can share your panoramas with your friends or business partners through social media, DVDs and other media. They can be used as a presentation in conferences, fairs or as an add.

DSC 7336 Panorama.preview

An example of Virtual Panorama



Enables an actual view of an exterior or interior of a building in a 360° range and presents a rich visual experience in a virtual world which invites your visitors, customer or tourists into a reality of your place or a building.




HotelFiesa pomol

An example of virtual tour

Virtual TOUR


Consists of multiple individual panoramas, which enables walks from one location to another. We can take a virtual tour and see outer world: streets, buildings, local sights or we can walk into a hotel, castle, museum, sport and cultural facilities...




Panoramas are created in Flash Technology, which is supported by all browsers. For your panoramas and virtual walks to be available also on iPad and other tablets, Smartphones, we create them also in HTML5 Technology. That means your site will be available in both - Flash and HTML5.


We create:

Odzivnost recepcija 300


  • Panoramic pictures
  • Virtual panoramas and virtual tours in HTML5 and Flash Technology
  • Personalized player (your colors, icons and appearance...)


Panoramas and Virtual Tours can include:


  • Integrated sound
  • Implementation of a video (show a video on TV in panorama)
  • Additional links or hotspots
  • Different effects
  • Implementation of a map, floor plan...
  • Image enlarger (pictures, objects, items...)


Don’t wait too long! Ensure that you and your customers get only the best. If you have additional questions, explanations regarding the order and creation of individual panoramas or virtual walks you can contact us through phone, email or contact form here.


Let us know what you would like to present virtually and how many locations or spaces you would like to include into your project and we will get in contact with you in the shortest amount of time possible.




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